7 Tips for Proper Aftercare of a Tattoo


One of the first things you have to know when getting a tattoo will be how to take care of a tattoo. Any reliable tattoo shop and artists will give you the instruction on tattoo aftercare tips. You have spent many hours searching your perfect tattoo design and you will have researched the meanings of perfect tattoo design.

Tattoo aftercare instruction to help guide you through the last parts of the process so you will end up with that perfect tattoo in the flesh. The good tattoo artist will heal the process and ongoing techniques to minimise any damage your new piece of living artwork and longevity of your new tattoo.

Tattoo aftercare tips

Here are several tips on how to care for new tattoos and who are planning to get a tattoo for the first time should do well to follow them.

Tip 1

You have to keep the bandage on for at least three hours. You have to forget about the impressing your buddies at your first tattoo. Unless you will be in a hurry to get infected and leave the bandage on for three hours at least.

Tip 2

Once the three-hour period will be up and you have to take off the bandage and proceed to clean your tattoo gently by washing away the excess ink and blood using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Then rinse well and gently dry it with a tissue or clean towel.

Tip 3

After the excess water has been completely dried then you have to rub a little bit of bacitracin cream on the tattoo that will prevent bacterial infection. You should not go bonkers with the cream and there will be sufficient enough to make the tattoo will look slightly glossy.

Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Tip 4

Proper care of a new tattoo will involve cleaning it on a daily basis. No soaking or anything you have to wash it gently with water and make it dry. Then you have to continue to moisture your tattoo with a cream and there will be no swimming.  We recommend you should read this article about best tattoo aftercare lotions to get what is the best for you.

Tip 5

Keep your tattoo away from the sun. Your new tattoo will be exposing it to the sun’s UV ray and you should not spend time under the sun without protecting your tattoo with an SPF and it should be fully healed.

Tip 6

You have to wear clean apparels after getting a fresh tattoo and then avoid tight fitting ones until it will be fully healed.

Tip 7

The healing process will really begin to take place by causing the skin to peel and scabbing will occur as well, this will be the point where you will start feeling the itch but you should not ever scratch.

This is how to take proper care of a tattoo and that you have armed with the necessary information on tattoo aftercare. Follow the above tips and your tattoo will end up well preserved and perfectly healed. You can use common sense when taking care of your tattoo.

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