Can A Convicted Felon Get A Passport?


When you’re planning a trip, you have to think about can a convicted felon get a passport, if you’re a felon. This is because there are some restrictions for convicted felons and you can’t able to get the same rights that obtained here before. For instance, your voting license is impacted. So, do you want to know the answer to the question? Keep continue to read this entire section.

Can a convicted felon get a passport?

When you’re looking to get a passport, you will get easily if you’re not involved in any national or international crime process. If not, then you’re prohibited from getting visa or passport for your trip. We all know that passport is the worldwide identification card required to visit other countries.

However, having passport not alone allows you to visit other countries and you also need to find restrictions of other countries too. There is no matter that you’re a felon or not, you can’t able to travel all countries freely.

Therefore, before approaching passport for a felon, you need to consider so many things. Here are some of the factors to consider before applying for a passport.

1. Do some research

At first, you have to do some research about issuing of a passport. For example, the United States allows you to leave the present country, but it’s not meaning that you can able to visit other countries. Thus, you need to check whether the country that you planned to go allow felons and the restrictions followed in that country.

2. Nature of the crime

After that, you have to consider the nature of your crime for applying for a passport. This is because if you’re a crime on the specific country, then some countries don’t allow you to visit. For example, if you’re a smuggling drug convicted felon in the United States, then countries like Colombia don’t allow visiting.

At the same time, if you’re international convicted felon, then you can’t able to visit more countries. Therefore, based on the nature of crime only, you can get a passport to visit other countries.

3. Some factors stop getting a passport

There are some situations that don’t allow you to get a passport. However, there are 3 major conditions that highly stop getting a passport. Those are:

  • Having a terrific warrant
  • Considering you is a risk
  • Having flight risk for a trial

These are the factors that you need to check for the eligibility of getting a passport. Apart from that, there are other things also restrict you to get a passport. Those are:

  • Having unpaid federal loans don’t allow you to leave the present country
  • Convicted for international drug smuggling
  • You’re under a charge for state drug

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Finally, based on your nature of crime and rules of each country for passport and visiting, you can able to get a passport. So, visit U.S department of state website to find the nearest place to applying for a passport and then fill a DS-11 application to check eligibility.