Skin Care Products to Control Shine on Oily Skin: Keeping Your Face From Being Too Shiny


There is a huge difference between a healthy glow and skin that is excessively oily. Oily skin generally starts to appear shiny 15-30 minutes after washing. For oily skin types, keeping the oil production under control can be a lot of work. However, there are several oily skin care products that can help control shine and keep oily, acne-prone skin from producing too much oil.

Establishing an Oily Skin Care Routine

One of the best ways to reign in oily skin is to establish the right skin care program for oily skin. Most people who deal with oily skin on a daily basis skip many of the steps that are crucial for controlling oil, sometimes called sebum, production. Using oily skin care products can significantly reduce the amount of oil that the skin produces on a regular basis.

Oily Skin Care – Silicone Based Primers

One of the first steps to controlling the shine of oily skin is by using a silicone-based facial primer, such as Smashbox Photo Finish. The silicone ingredients in the primer serve two purposes. One is to make oily skin appear more matte and less shiny, and the other is to absorb excess oils from the skin. Skin primers should be applied after moisturizing and before makeup, unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer. Most primers only require about a dime-sized amount for the entire face and only need to be applied once, in the morning. The oil-absorbing primer can be applied with clean fingertips or a cosmetics brush.

Oily Skin Care – Blotting Powder

Blotting powders are an excellent way to keep shine away throughout the day. Unlike pressed powder or loose powders, when blotting powders are used, they do not add layers of powder to the skin. Rather, they absorb the oil and melt into the skin, helping to control the oil. Pressed powders and loose powders will build up over the course of the day are not the ideal solution for oily skin care. In fact, the buildup can make it more difficult for the skin to breathe, causing the skin to produce even more oil.

Oily Skin Care Product – Blotting Paper

Blotting papers or blotting tissues are another easy way to keep shine from forming on an oily face. Blotting papers will not disturb makeup, but will absorb shine. Some blotting papers, such as NARS Blotting Powder Paper will absorb the excess oil while also applying a light layer of blotting powder. These blotting powder papers can help control oil and keep makeup looking fresh. To use oil blotting papers, simply press the tissue or paper into the skin, and repeat until the oily skin has been touched up.

While every skin type has its challenges, keeping up with oily skin can seem like a daunting task. Using any one or all of these simple methods can help someone with oily skin feel like they have more control in their appearance. Oily skin does have its benefits: it ages more slowly and tends to look younger than dry or combination skin types.